Our Favorite Colleges for Engineering on the East Coast

jet_engineFor those who want to pursue their studies in an engineering field, there are many available programs in universities on the East Coast. Most of the universities teach traditional engineering programs and new programs have been introduced in recent years in environmental engineering and bioengineering. In some universities, computing studies are provided in a separate computer engineering program, while in some universities they are still included as a branch of electrical engineering. In recent years, multidisciplinary programs have also been included in most of the university degree programs. Among the best colleges for engineering on the East Coast are included:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is located in the grated Boston area, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology includes a School of Engineering that consists of a Flexible Decree Program and seven departments. These seven departments are the Departments of Chemical Engineering, Biological Engineering, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Nuclear Science and Engineering. The undergraduate Flexible Degree Program at MIT was launched in 2010.

The core engineering disciplines at MIT has long followed a tradition of rigorous technical learning, but the university has also recognized a need for a Flexible Degree Program in order to adapt to the impact of globalization and the recent changes taking place in the engineering professions. The program also address students’ desire for a more interdisciplinary approach.

Pennsylvania State University

The Pennsylvania State University includes the College of Engineering that offers 18 different baccalaureate degrees. Among these programs, some are in the tradition engineering disciplines, such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. Other undergraduate degrees are offered in Architectural Engineering and Integrated Programs, Engineering Science and Integrated Programs, and Surveying Engineering. These are programs that are not offered at most other engineering schools. Students at the College of Engineering in the Pennsylvania State University also can minor in programs such as Information Science and Technology, Engineering Entrepreneurship, Bioengineering, and Nanotechnology. The college is even offering minor in the Six Sigma Process, addressing the need to find improved business models and methodologies and the contemporary questions of business process changes in response to globalization. Pennsylvania State University also offers Associate Degrees in several of these disciplines. The main campus of the Penn State University is placed in University Park, Pennsylvania.

Princeton University

This is another famous American university, and one of the oldest in America. Princeton University has achieved a long tradition of excellence, since it was founded prior to the Revolutionary War. Princeton University excels in a number of academic fields, including both engineering and science. Among the undergraduate degrees offered in the traditional engineering disciplines are included programs in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, and Civil Engineering. Students can also choose to pursue degrees in Engineering and Applied Science, Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, and Information Technology. The university also offers are some interdisciplinary studies such as Energy Research, Systems Research, and other areas. Princeton University is located the state of New Jersey, in Princeton.

Other best colleges for engineering on the East Coast worthy to mention are Virginia Tech and Ressenlear Polytechnic Institute. Students interested in the engineering fields can trust any of these top universities for choosing one of the best engineering programs across the nation. The choice of college will depend on the particular engineering program one is interested to pursue.

Our Favorite Colleges for Business on the East Coast

Business school is very popular among many students these days. Many people want to enter this program because they want to get a lot of opportunities in the future. Business school offers a lot of great career opportunities for all graduated students these days. When you plan to enter this program, you need to compare some available colleges or universities in the United States today. There are some best colleges for business on the east coast. These colleges are very popular for their impressive programs, well-known professors, and also great connections. Here are some recommended business schools that you can choose today.

1. New York University

When you want to find the best college for pursuing business program on the east coast, you can consider entering the New York University. Its Stern School of Business is very well-known among many students these days. There are several great programs that are provided by this school, for example investment banking, tax management, personal financial planning, corporate financial management, general accounting, marketing program, and many other popular business programs. Graduates from Stern School of Business are able to earn salary of $110,000 – $125,000 per year. It can be a great opportunity for all students who want to get the best business degree from this school.

2. Penn State University

This is another recommended school that you need to attend, especially when you want to find the best college for business program. This university is well-known for its Smeal College of Business. This college is well-known for its business and accounting program. You will be able to improve your business skills easily when you enter this school of business. This university program also has fast track or acceleration program for some students. This program is specially created to offer five year fast track program, so you can achieve Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in about 5 years. Almost 90 percent of students are able to find employment before graduating from this school.

3. Bentley University

It is believed to be one of the best colleges for business on the east coast. There are many people who want to enter this prestigious school because it has good reputation in the world today. This school offers a lot of great programs, especially in business and accounting industry. There are some world class professors who are working with this reputable business school. You can also get a lot of career opportunities after you are graduated from this school. This university is located in Waltham, Massachusetts. It can be a perfect place for you who want to learn about business and other related programs. According to the latest statistic, this school has about 95 percent post graduate career placement rate.

They are some popular colleges for business that you can choose today. It is important that you read all admission requirements, so you can enter your favorite business school easily. Some schools also require you to have some admission tests before you can enter any of your favorite universities. Choosing the right business school is very important to help you get a lot of benefits from this program. Good business school can help you achieve your goals in the future easily. It is a great time for you to select the best university for yourself.

Our Favorite Colleges For Law Enforcement (Police Officers Primarily) on the East Coast

Police CareersDo you have a passion for law enforcement but aren’t quite sure how to become a police officer? Maybe you have a dream to jump into a career on a swat team.  The good news is that this career field is growing.  But these days, most police departments require you to have a degree. Having a degree will also ensure that you get paid well once you enter the job market. Becoming a police officer will enable you to protect people. However, it is important that you enroll on the best college. In case you do not have an idea on the college to go to, here are some of the best colleges for becoming a police officer on the east coast to look out for.

Capella University

This university offers you with a flexible course schedule, student support that is personalized and industry accredited programs. Enrolling with this university will enable you to save on time and money. You will be able to demonstrate the knowledge at your own pace. Students are required to do their applications online. You will have to fill the online form and give the degrees that you have achieved so far. There are several programs offered by this university. You can pursue BS in criminal justice, MS in criminal justice and PhD in criminal justice. This depends on where you have reached in your education.

Kaplan University

This university provides you with personal attention as well as financial aid assistance. The campus has branches in Omaha and augusta. The university considers students who have military experience. It also has deployment policy that is flexible. Furthermore, the university has reduced its tuition fee by 55 per cent. They offer programs such as bachelor of science in criminal justice: law enforcement and bachelor of science in criminal justice: crime investigation among other programs. You can go for MS in criminal justice, AAS in criminal justice and BS in criminal justice. It will give you the platform that you need to become a police officer.

Devry University

This is yet another university where you can pursue your career as a police officer. They have a flexible study schedule. You can study during the time when you are available. You can study during the night, daytime or on weekends. Devry University is available in over 85 locations. Furthermore, they have tuition fee that is affordable. Students can also get access to scholarships. The university provides its students with the support that they may require. Once you are done with your studies the university will ensure that you land a good job. Some of the programs that the university offers are bachelor’s justice administration and bachelor’s justice administration: policing among other programs.

These are just some of best colleges for becoming a police officer on the east coast. The list is endless and you can enroll with any of them to advance your career. There is no doubt that you will be able to get all the lessons that you need to become a police officer. Go ahead and start fulfilling your dream by joining the college that suits your budget. It will not be long until you complete your studies and join the police force.

Our Favorite Architecture Colleges on the East Coast

Architecture is a popular industry that is predicted to grow well in the next decades. There are many good opportunities that are available for all students who are graduated from Architecture school. There are some schools that offer high quality architecture program for all customers. It is important to select the best school that has good reputation among many students and other job employers in the United States. This article is going to discuss about some of the best colleges for architecture on the east coast. These colleges offer a lot of useful features and benefits for all students.

Harvard1. Harvard University

This school offers one of the best architectural programs in the United States today. There are some internationally renowned faculty members who are working in this school, for example Martin Bechtold and Vincent Bandy. When you enter this school, you are able to see several programs offered by this school, including undergraduate program, master program, and professional studies. This school focuses itself to provide the best knowledge and skills for all students. As the results, you will be able to implement any cutting edge architectural practices to the real world easily. There are many job opportunities that are available for all Harvard graduated students.

2. Columbia University

This is another prestigious university that offers high quality architectural program for all students. Its School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation is very well-known among many people in the United States. This school offers several architectural programs in certain areas, including historic preservation, urban planning, real estate development, and many other popular areas. These studies are specially created to help all students learn more about architectural program. This university also associates with Paris city, in order to provide intensive one year program for all students to explore architectural histories of New York City and Paris.

3. Yale University

There are many people who are interested with this university. This school is ranked at the 3rd best architecture school in the United States today. There are some great programs that are available for all students, including bachelor’s program, doctorate program, and also master’s specialization program. All Yale students are able to learn more about stunning architecture from some world-class Yale buildings. You will be able to get a lot of opportunities after you are graduated from Yale University in the future. Almost 95 percent of architecture students from Yale University are able to get job placement before they are graduated from this school.

Choosing the best architecture school on the East Coast should not be a difficult task to do. You can find many high quality colleges for architecture located on the East Coast. These colleges receive many good reviews from other students. These good reviews show the quality and performance of these architecture schools. It is a good time for you to prepare yourself, so you can enter your favorite school easily. Make sure that you complete all requirements before you start your application to your favorite college. You have to submit all documents and other related requirements before the deadline ends, so you can have good opportunity to enter any of those prestigious schools of architecture.